Online Stock Trading

The internet has grown into one of the most powerful tools that stock traders have today. Investing is made even more simpler by the rapid exchange of information that is available online through stock market news outlets and real time stock quotes. No longer do investors have to wait until the stock quotes are posted in the newspaper; at any time and in any place, it is possible to see how your portfolio is performing.

Why Go Online to Trade Stocks?

Trading stocks is impossible for the average Jane. Without access to a seat on the floor of the stock exchange or broker access, buying and selling stock is restricted only to the large corporations that do direct buys.  However, online stock trading allows everyone access to the market with commissions as low as $10 per trade. With a typical offline broker, that commission easily triples, if not quintuples to $30 per trade. Online stock trading has dramatically improved the prospects of the investors, saving them time, money and giving more freedom to invest their own money.

Online Stock Trading for Small Investors

Most traditional brokers require large balances before you get the treatment that you should expect. Many firms require a huge amount of cash, usually greater than $100,000, before commissions are dropped and person to person consulting begins. Online stock trading allows the individual to start investing with as little as the price of one share, and many stock brokers accept accounts with no minimum deposit. If you're starting small and hope to build a portfolio over time, online stock brokers give you the best bang for your buck and allow more money to go to stock, instead of fees.

Online Resources

Beyond access to the NASDAQ and NY Stock Exchange, online brokers offer tools and charts to help you make a more informed decision on stocks you would like to buy. With an online stock broker, you'll be given the latest financial information, price to earnings ratios, and a stock quote to buy shares in the company. When going through an offline stock broker, you'll be more likely to find a simple setup of stock brokers only willing to sell you what they want to sell you. When trading for yourself with your own money, the extra power of decision given by online stock brokers far exceeds what you'll get anywhere else.

Trading Online is Easy

Setting up an online stock trading account is easier than ever. Signing up at an online stock broker is almost as easy as signing up for email. Input your data, and the stock broker you send you all the necessary forms and information. After returning the forms via mail, email or fax, you'll be able to place trades at rates that are generally 75% lower than offline brokers and enjoy instant access to your money. If you want to put the power back in your hands, switching to an online stock broker is a quick and painless transaction that will save you money and improve your profits.